Great Moments in Vinyl plays tribute to The Beatles

July 13, 2017 • Joliet Historical Museum, Joliet, IL

July 14, 2017 • Martyrs', Chicago, IL

Some people think it's one of the best albums ever made.  Others can clearly hear the fault lines developing as the Fab Four started going their separate ways.  Without a doubt it resulted in an amazing collection of music.  Join us as we pay tribute to the two record set that was labeled The Beatles, but that everyone refers to as the "White Album." 

Catch this show in the southwest suburbs in our first appearance at the Joliet Area Historical Museum as part of their Rooftop Summer Music Series.  Or find us in Chicago at our usual home, Martyrs', the following night. 

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Great Moments in Vinyl plays tribute to The Rolling Stones

Saturday, August 5, 2017 • Wire, Berwyn, IL

It was the era of both The Summer of Love and The Vietnam War.  It was the era that gave us Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Richard Nixon.  It was the end of the Sixties.  And as the wave of music from the British Invasion evolved into something less idealistic and darker, The Rolling Stones found themselves revitalized with a fresh burst of creativity that began with the single “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” and continued through four successive albums that are considered the best that they—or any other band—have ever released.  

Great Moments in Vinyl celebrates The Rolling Stones at the peak of their powers by performing Let It Bleed and Exile on Main St. in their entirety.

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