The Story Behind the Stories


Great Moments in Vinyl takes the tribute experience to a new level.  Every concert, we choose a pair of memorable albums and perform them in their entirety.  And along with the music, we supply a series of stories about the songs and the artists and the times that brought them into being.  What was the song that saved U2's career?  Who was Bruce Springsteen's "Rosalita"?  If The Police started out as a punk band, where did all the reggae flavors come from?  Why did Elton John wear glasses really?  These are the sorts of questions you'll get the answers to when Great Moments in Vinyl takes the stage.  And you'll hear some exceptionally well-played music, too.

The Great Moments in Vinyl band is a hand-picked collection of talented musicians from the Chicago area.  The particular lineup for each ensemble is specifically chosen for the occasion. 

The idea of narrated concerts is the brainchild of William Lindsey Cochran, a Chicago radio personality, voiceover artist, writer, and musician.