Tom Petty

February 23, 2016 • Martyrs', Chicago, IL

Tom Petty burst onto the scene in the late '70s and made a name for himself with such freshly vital songs as "Breakdown" and "American Girl."  Against all odds, he and his band The Heartbreakers were able to turn that initial success into a career that has continued to this day.   

Great Moments in Vinyl captures the sound of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers from their third record together, Damn the Torpedoes.  It was an album fueled by a run-in with his record company—Petty had to take drastic measures to protect his ownership of the songs he'd written—and the defiance comes through loud and clear in the music.

Then ten years later, Petty surprised bandmates and fans alike by putting out his first solo album, Full Moon Fever.  Ironically, it turned out to be the best selling album of his career.