Upon completion of the album I Do Not Want What I Have Not Got, her record company told her, “You can't put this out.  It's too personal.”

To which Sinéad O’Connor replied, “People that like me, like me because of that.  That's what I do.”

She told the magazine Hot Press, “these songs were all written during my current phase of contentment and happiness.  They have none of the introspection that dragged some of my earlier songs down.  They're celebrations, affirmations of life.  There's very little sadness in them.”

“I know she thinks it's a happy record,” one record company executive said.  “But it doesn't convey happiness.  It conveys trauma.  And because of our reaction, she thought we didn't like it.”  

Sinéad simply told him, “It's not for men to like.  It's a woman's statement.”