August 4th, 1970.  Guess who was on the bill at Ravinia that night?  Janis Joplin.  Taking the stage with her new group, The Full Tilt Boogie Band.  Just the day before, they'd performed for a taping of The Dick Cavett Show in New York City where they were eager to show off some of the new tunes they'd been working on.  They performed "Half Moon" months in advance of its release on Pearl.  

During the interview portion of the show, Cavett asked Janis if she'd ever been back to Port Arthur, Texas.  Giddy with delight, she told him of her plans to attend her high school reunion later that year.  And spontaneously she asked him, "Would you like to go?"

Cavett sidestepped the offer saying, "Well, I don't have that many friends in your high school class."

Without missing a beat, Janis replied, "I don't either."