Sir Elton Hercules John is one of the most highly acclaimed and successful solo artists of all time. 

He has achieved 37 gold and 27 multi-platinum albums.  He has sold more than 250 million records worldwide.  Which places him among the top ten selling artists in history.   

Over the five decades since his career began in 1969, Elton has played more than 3,500 concerts in over 80 countries.

And at the height of his success it was calculated that in one calendar year, he accounted for 3% of all records sold.  

He started off as a shy, overweight, not at all stylish young man with the unfortunate name of Reginald Dwight.  But what he made of himself is quite an accomplishment.  Elton John’s story is actually three stories:  a coming of age story, a coming out story, and the story of his coming into his own.