Just some of the Regina Spektor songs featured in movies and television shows according to TuneFind.com.

“All the Rowboats”
2012   Ringer (episode: “What We Have Is Worth the Pain”)

2007   The Hills (episode: “The Best Night Ever”)
2008   How I Met Your Mother (episode: “Happily Ever After”)
2016   The Good Wife (episode: “End”)

“Don’t Leave Me (Ne me quitte pas)”
2012   Weeds (episode: “Five Miles from Yetzer Hara”)
2013   Girls (episode: “It’s a Shame about Ray”)

2010   90210 (episode: “Another Another Chance”)
2010   90210 (episode: “Multiple Choices”)

2006   Veronica Mars (episode: “Friday Night Sleights”)
2007   Grey’s Anatomy (episode: “Six Days (Part 2)”)
2008   27 Dresses
2010   Love & Other Drugs (closing credits)

“Field Below”
2006   Criminal Minds (episode: “The Last Word”)
2007   Brothers and Sisters (episode: “Two Places”)

“Ghost of Corporate Future”
2006   Weeds (episode: “Mile Deep and a Foot Wide”)
2006   Weeds (episode: “Bash”)

2009   (500) Days of Summer

“Human of the Year”
2011   Enlightened (pilot episode)

“Laughing With”
2015   The Leftovers (episode: “No Room at the Inn”)

“My Man”
2011   Boardwalk Empire (episode: “A Dangerous Mind”)

“On the Radio”
2006   Grey’s Anatomy (episode: “Damage Case”)
2011   Beastly

2006   CSI: NY (episode: “All Access”)    
2006   CSI: NY (episode: “Charge of This Post”)

2005   CSI: NY (episode: “On the Job”)    

“The Calculation”
2009   Castle (episode: “Castle Makes Lunch”)    
2010   Life Unexpected (episode:  “Home Inspected”)

“The Call”
2008   The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

“You’ve Got Time”
2013—present   Orange Is the New Black (theme song)