Great Moments in Vinyl plays tribute to The Beatles

July 13, 2017 • Joliet Historical Museum, Joliet, IL

July 14, 2017 • Martyrs', Chicago, IL

The “White Album” is a remarkable accomplishment.  It’s the product of a band on the verge of breaking up.  John and Paul were rarely working as a songwriting team by this point.  George was coming into his own as a songwriter.  Far from being a cohesive band project, it feels more like excerpts from four different solo albums.  

And yet, it all works.  So much so that it has become a standard by which other bands’ albums are measured.  So much so that it has been widely praised as not only one of the best albums The Beatles ever released,...but also as one of the best albums any band ever released.

Here in the U. S., The Beatles new double record set was put on sale for $11.79.  That was more than twice the cost of a standard single LP release at the time.  But fans didn’t care.  In less than a month, the “White Album” sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.