Jake Bugg is not your typical 20 year old.  Ask him his favorite artists, and he'll name The Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash, and Don McLean. 

But that's what gives Jake Bugg his charm.  His insights and inclinations speak of wisdom beyond his years.  

Take the way he puts together his own CDs.  (And you record fans will love this.)  When Jake Bugg sequences the songs on his own albums, he imagines he's putting them on a LP with one group of songs arranged together for one side and another group lined up for the other.  

For his own part, Jake Bugg recently told an interviewer he seemed to be getting older faster than he wanted.  "I've aged terribly in the last year!", he said.  "I went back to England recently and didn't get ID'd at either pub I went to.  And you have to look over 25 now, which makes it even more annoying."