Who was Rosalita anyway?

Now, here’s somebody that you’ve heard Springsteen sing about a lot.  But you might not know her name:  Diane Lozito. 

She met Bruce in 1971 when he was working the Jersey Shore.  He wrote about their first kiss in “Spirit in the Night.”  She was Crazy Janey.  She inspired the song we think of as “Sandy.”  Though when she heard it, she was pissed off thinking Bruce had actually been having an affair with a waitress.  He wrote “Thundercrack” about her and the way she could use her body on a dance floor.  And when she moved in to live with Springsteen, it was in spite of the fact that her “mama didn’t like him ‘cause he played in a rock ‘n’ roll band.” 

So why didn’t Bruce ever write a song that mentioned her by name, she wondered?  He told her, “nothing rhymes with Diane.”  

But...Diane Lozito (which was pronounced ‘Lozita’ on the Jersey Shore) had a grandmother named Rose.  Rose Lozito.  

Do you get the idea where this is going?  

Oh, Rose Lozito, come out tonight!